The AfrICANDO MALL, is a public/private initiative that provides an internet-based e-commerce platform for micro, small & medium enterprises from throughout Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. The initiative was designed to create a bilateral trading platform between Africa and the world

The AfrICANDO – ATDC Marketplace promotes the growth of micro, small and medium enterprises on-line by:

•Reducing operational costs

• Improving productivity and efficiency

• Increasing sales

• Creating jobs on both sides of the ocean

• Developing new markets

• Reducing poverty

AfrICANDO MALL: an ATDC Market place, is powered by HUBBEX-Electronic Commerce System. HUBBEX is an internet based electronic commerce platform integrated to a suite of application services that provides companies with a Virtual Store & Back Office set of features that enables your organization to manage your content, catalog, ordering, inventory, payments, e-mail, communications, document collaboration, sales automation, and other business productivity tools without having the need for any programming and/or technical skills.

AfrICANDO MALL - powered by HUBBEX; provides the following benefits:

• Reduce Buying and Selling expenses & cost of goods

• Increase buyers and sellers satisfaction

• Improve buyers and sellers productivity

• Fast implementation enables immediate realization of ROI