A & Shine INTL LTD
A & Shine International Ltd is a world-class, pioneer honey producer in Nigeria, offering top notch honey to the quality conscious consumers across Nigeria and the rest of Africa. The group started producing honey in the year 2002 and within a short span of time it has established itself as a premier Honey producer in Nigeria and several other African countries. A & Shine is dedicated to producing different varieties of honey and honey products to maintain their position as a true industry leader. Through years of research and innovation, we have been able to come up with following types of honey and honey products
We are a network of over 500 companies with focus on export of goods and services from Nigeria to other parts of the world.
Africa Femmes Performantes (Guinea)
EXPORTING UNDER AGOA PROGRAM Africa Femmes Performante, Inc. Is working with the AGOA Civil Society Network on the following program: "Supply Chain Development and Competitiveness under AGOA: Making AGOA Work for SME's in the Handicraft, Beverage, Ethnic Food and Spice Industries". With the AGOA program, we build a Strategy for Sustainability “Supply Chain Development and Competitiveness under AGOA: Making AGOA Work for SME’s in the Handicraft, Beverage, Ethnic Food and Spice Industries”. Africa Femmes Performantes will lead municipal and trade delegations from Africa to meet cities officials in the State of Florida with the goal of fostering deeper municipal and business relations. For more information on these trips, or if you are interested in partnering with Aurora Sister Cities International to lead a municipal or trade delegation Africa Femmes Performantes’s responsibility is to associate the voices of American women to the construction of specific bounds between... More
African Enterprise of Construction & Management
African Enterprise of Construction and Management Building Construction, Public & Private Buildings, Houses, Industrial Construction Buildings, Road Construction, Farm & Agricultural Construction, Urban Construction
Mission ATDC is dedicated to creating demand for micro, small, and medium enterprises’ (MSMEs’) products in the US and the Americas and expanding US – Africa trade. ATDC accomplishes this task by providing: a presence for MSME’s products in the ATDC, and on-line in our virtual shopping mall (AfrICATDC.com); marketing and promoting MSMEs’ products in the Americas; and offering MSMEs training and technical assistance, logistical support and access to distribution networks in markets in the: United States Latin America The Caribbean Canada Trade Shows hosted by the ATDC Training and Technical Assistance ATDC also provides training and technical assistance to micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) through its AfrICANDO Skills and Business Development Program – a comprehensive “hands on” program, specifically designed to develop the capacity of MSMEs in the areas of: product quality and standards, marketing/sales, packaging, pricing, market access, and... More
Afrikoncept Collection
Afrikoncept Collection : A Celebration of Creative African Fashion Fusion Representing African styles in modern times can be mostly herculean; especially because there has been an uncontrollable rush for western fashion in the region. Afrikoncept is an African way of changing this narrative, using the best of what we have in the continent to funkify fashion and still look modern! Run by Uju AbdulKadir, a woman with knack for creative, the target is to berth a fashion line which continuously evolve by combining Ankara, tie and dye and other African materials to western outfits in other to achieve unique fashion forward looks appealing to Africans in Africa, in the diaspora and fashion lovers across the world. Lurched in various creative Ankara patterns and glittering stones are the female and male round neck t-shirts and polo outfits that clearly accentuate the beautiful colours that African fashion represents. Some other outfits have their aesthetics glamourized with tie and dye. The face caps... More
Akezee Fashion
We are a team dedicated to creating the best, affordable outfits for everyone who loves African fashion. At the moment we create custom and ready-to-wear clothes using the best prints and waxes for men and women. In the near future, we will be expanding our lines and collections so keep coming back to see more. Our main goal is to delight the customer - when you look good, we feel good!